DIY Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid and Medical Grade Isopropyl Alcohol 

homemade hand sanitizer with an alcohol concentration of 73%.

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Whether you are trying to kill bacteria or enveloped viruses, including coronavirus, many research studies have found that an alcohol concentration of 60 percent or greater is needed to be effective. If you respect the proportions of this recipe, you will get a homemade hand sanitizer with an alcohol concentration of 73%.

Handwashing should always be your #1 choice, but it is important to keep a bottle of good sanitizer in any public area.

But what is a good hand sanitizer? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol when handwashing is not available. This is why it’s essential to be picky with which sanitizer you choose or make, as not all recipes contain enough alcohol to be effective.

Benefits of the selected ingredients:

Alcohol has been used as a disinfectant for centuries, starting in ancient Egypt and going all the way to the modern world of medicine. Isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol, is rapidly antimicrobial against bacteria, fungi, and viruses, particularly in solutions between 60% and 90% alcohol, with 10 – 40% purified water.

Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, which means it grabs moisture and holds it so the skin can absorb it. One gram of HA can hold up to six liters of water! HA has anti-aging benefits, strengthens your skin’s protective barrier, and supports healing. It also provides an antioxidant defense to fight UV damage.

Tea tree oil contains several compounds, including terpinen-4-ol, that have germ-fighting properties. It is a powerful antiseptic, immune system stimulant that is beneficial for eliminating bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


  • 30mL (1oz) Mineral water
  • 0.42g Hyaluronic Acid powder (find it here: US / UK / Canada)
  • 86mL (2.9oz) Medical grade 99.9% isopropyl alcohol (find it here)
  • 2mL (40 drops) Tea Tree EO (find it here: US / UK / Canada).


This recipe requires precision, as the ratio has to be respected to keep the product effective against germs. Here’s what you can use to make this DIY hand sanitizer:

  • 100mL (3.3oz) graduated cylinder (find it here: US / UK / Canada)
  • A small stainless-steel mixing bowl
  • A stainless-steel mini whisk (find it here: US / UK / Canada)
  • 100mL (3.3oz) reusable empty container for gel/lotion (find it here: US / UK / Canada)
  • A high precision scale (find it here: US / UK / Canada)
  • A cooking thermometer

Note: I’ve ordered hyaluronic acid and medical-grade isopropyl alcohol on Amazon because the shipping is so inexpensive with Amazon Prime. You can try a 30-Day Free Trial and get FREE two-day shipping on all your orders.

My essential oils collection is mainly from Plant Therapy. They have the highest quality organic essential oils and a special selection of oils safe for kids. Check out their website to discover the latest offers!


  1. Heat mineral water to 75°C (167°F).
  2. Pour water in the mixing bowl and add hyaluronic acid. Mix it well using a mini whisk. Cover and let it sit for 20 minutes, then mix again. If the consistency is not smooth enough, you can repeat the step (cover, wait for 20min, and stir to dissolve). Nota Bene: When added to water, hyaluronic acid creates a gel. But if there is an insufficient amount of water, the gel becomes lumpy and stiff. It is all about keeping the right balance 😉
  3. Step by step (5ml at a time), add isopropyl alcohol to the gel and stir.
  4. Add Tea Tree EO and mix well.
  5. Transfer the gel from the bowl to your reusable container. If you didn’t manage to get a perfectly smooth gel when mixing mineral water with hyaluronic acid (step 2), let the final product sit for 12 hours. HA will fully dissolve during this time.

Alternative: If you are looking for a good handcrafted hand sanitizer, made in the US, and available even during high demand periods, I recommend this one from Z Skin. It is highly effective against germs and bacteria thanks to an alcohol concentration of 70%, aloe vera, and essential oils.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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